Blue Tile Lounge T-Shirt GONZ Cornsilk


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      Designed by the legend Mark Gonzales thanks to our friends at DLX!

      100% Cotton tee with screened image on chest.

      A brief history on Mark Gonzales:

      Mark, who started Blind, after riding for Vision, um, also maybe started ATM Click...def started 60/40 (was that out of DLX??? They had the best commercials in 411, but you gotta hate those Simple shoes he was always wearing at the time, but it's a vibe I guess), um I know he walked in on Spike Jonez while he was "peeing in privet" once....shit...Lets see, his parts in Real's Non Fiction, Kicked out of Everywhere, and Real to Reel, ARE ICONIC. I think he was an art installation too in Germany for a while. I can't remember. Then you got Krooked of course. Gnar gnar. And I guess somewhere along the line he made this beautiful logo for our humble little shop. Thanks Mark! 

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