Converse x Jenkem JP Pro OX Black/Egret/Black

$64.95 $100.00

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      These days, shoe collaborations are as common as your local jock being able to kickflip. Sure, that was impressive years ago, but it no longer holds such a mystique.

      The same could be said about the current state of footwear. In an over-saturated market filled with trendy colors, unnecessary technical materials, and promos that resemble Hollywood blockbusters, we wanted to scale it all back.

      Celebrating our long-standing relationship with Converse CONS, we stripped their timeless Jack Purcell of its innocence and stitched our own mantra, “Look Alive,” onto the tongue. The phrase has become our go-to way to yell at friends and rally them for a night of questionable decisions or pester them during their next hangover.

      The shoe’s exterior is a discreet mix of premium leather and suede. Like a good party, the details seem simplistic from far away, but become more enticing and deliberate up close. The interior is directly influenced by the spontaneity of New York nightlife, featuring club flyers you’d find on any corner near our HQ in Brooklyn. Accented with gold eyelets and a gold embossed Jenkem, it all sits on top of a bone outsole. Boasting reflective 3M along the heel and a satin draped tongue, our shoe gets more seductive as the day goes on.

      But that’s all just stupid technical lingo to tell you that the Jenkem JP Pro is designed to welcome the unexpected.

      Getting lost and finding secret raves, friends for the night, crusty skate spots and making them all yours.


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