Independent Trucks Polished Stage 4 166


  • Product Description

      An update of the original Stage 4, single wing hanger design introduced in 1986.

      The new Stage 4 features the original Stage 4, single wing hanger design on a universal 6 hole baseplate. With tried and true, classic Indy geometry - Stage 4s are super quick and responsive. Fitted with perfectly sized, original cushions for superior stability, rebound, and snap.

      Stage 4s are made with all modern materials and manufacturing processes - making them more durable and longer lasting than the originals or any imitation.

      Sizes available: 136mm (8.0in), 146mm (8.375in), 151mm (8.625in), 166mm (9.0in)

      55mm tall for optimal performance and wheel clearance with wheels 56mm and under.

      A356 T6 Aluminum Hanger & Baseplate

      The best lightweight aluminum alloy heat treated to T6 condition for strength, durability, and grind feel.

      SCM435 Chromoly Steel Axle

      Highest quality and durability available.

      Grade 8 Kingpin

      Never break, never bend.

      90a Original Cushions w/ printed bar logo

      Ultra high-rebound formula, sized to fit Stages 1 to 7.

      6 hole, universal baseplate with old and new school mounting patterns.

      Independent Trucks are Built to Grind and Guaranteed for Life.

      sold as one pair of trucks = 2 units.