Nike SB Olympic T-Shirt France Pocket Tee Royal


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       Designed by artist and long-time Nike collaborator Piet Parra, the federation kits for the USA, Brazil and France are made of 100% recycled polyester. Parra’s colorful landscapes adorn each piece, and provide a nod to a famous sport from each country. The USA’s gear is inspired by traditional basketball jerseys, and features a bald eagle graphic on its lower left side. Brazil looks to soccer and adds a cheerful toucan, while France takes to the tennis court and equips a signature rooster. The USA and Brazil both present a country code on the left sleeve, while France features a flag in the same spot. Once a rebellious subculture, skateboarding has long chafed at the idea of uniformity, so Parra’s abstract creations help adopt Olympic dress for a new era.


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