Static II DVD


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      The Static II DVD is the follow up to 2000's undergroubd video "STATIC" from filmmaker Josh Stewrt (One Step Beyond). Stewart brings you another completely independent and completely unique skatebiard video experiene. When you pop Static II into your DVD player, don't expect to see circus acts, school yards, blue stickers or tricks requirin parachutes before takeoff. Expect skating that connects to the reasons you stepped onto a board in the first place. Expect a video you'll want to watch everyday before you go out skating. Expect inspiration.

      For what you'll witness in Static II is skating that is easy on the eyes. Street skating, in real actual streets. You will witness the product of 2 years of work by skaters who appreciate the process, not just the end result. You will witness The Invisibles.

      Directed by Josh Stewart. Motion and design by Redlabor. A Prospects production. Featuring Bobby Pulero, John Igei, Kenny Reed, Paul Shier, Ricky Oyola and Wayne Patrick.
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