Blue Tile Lounge X Vans Skate Half Cab


  • Product Description

      • Extra tough - Duracap reinforced materials, deeper knurl texture on toe bumpers, and higher sidewall heights provide a more heritage look with increased durability and protection.
      • Longer lasting - Deeper tread depth on sole lasts longer and extends the life of the shoe.
      • Skate more - Popcush energy-return footbeds keep your legs feeling fresh so you can skate longer.
      • Locked-in fit - Internal heel stiffeners and tongue straps add long-lasting stability with premium heel hold to keep your foot locked in for better control.


      Twenty-five years in geologic time is nothing at all––hardly long enough for a river to smooth rock into a pebble. Twenty-five years in skateboarding is a lifetime, but the timescale is unlike a riverbed. The changes in the culture are not just perceptible but  are often jarring. It seems like we blinked, and those 46mm wheels became 58s. But not everything comes and goes.

      Some things strike the right chords  and stick around. At The Blue Tile Lounge Skateboard Shop, we're celebrating our 25th anniversary with a collaboration Vans Half Cab, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic silhouette that has transcended epochs outlasting countless trends, all while setting the benchmark for skate performance and style. Half Cabs have been making skateboarder's tricks look better for three decades. Like blue jeans and white t-shirts, the Half Cab is a perennial staple, staying relevant while hinting at the past. Back in 1997, we were just as interested in paying homage to our roots by borrowing our name from the skateboard-friendly night club in the seminal video The Search for Animal Chin, a video featuring none other than the shoe's namesake, Steve Caballero. A full-circle moment, or Full-Cab, if you will.  

      When thinking about how we'd put our stamp on the shoe, we wanted to keep it close to home, tipping our hat to Toronto sports teams, the Blue Jay bird who has been somewhat of a mascot for us since our pizza delivery guy went AWOL (John, please reach out) and intentionally or not, we've got to thrust our hips towards The King of Rock 'n Roll. These shoes have the finest blue suede available outside of a glass vitrine at Graceland––and don't fret––you can step on these babies and clean them off. We also loved the classic dragon scale suede print detail on early versions of the shoe, which we've got in grey to stand out against the blue, pairing perfectly with the all-black Duracap foxing and midsole. The shoes also feature the original Half-Cab tongue design. On the inside, they've got custom Blue Tile Lounge Country Code print on the state-of-the-art PopCush insole so that if you wear 'em fishing down at the Don Valley River and end up with a pebble in your shoe, you won't even feel it.