Warren Bolster Book


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      When urethane wheels hit the skateboard world in the early 70’s, they launched a revolution. By 1974, things had exploded to the point that surfer publications decided to resurrect Skateboarder Magazine. Skateboarder had been lying dormant since 1965 when the first crash of skateboarding hit. Warren Bolster, a surf photographer, was chosen to be Skateboarder’s editor. It’s an incredible understatement to say that Warren had a fierce determination to document the rebirth of skateboarding. He was a one man army, putting in 18 hour days photographing, editing and co-coordinating every facet of the magazine.

      His work led to 100% sell through on the first issue, which featured Gregg Weaver on the cover. For the next three years, Warren created what many refer to as “The Bible of Skateboarding”. This collection of photos, along with detailed captions, is sure to inspire both the older generation of skaters and the new crop yearning for information about the roots of skateboarding.

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