• Todd Francis Worst of the Worst Show.
    We were lucky enough to host Todd Francis for his Toronto stop of his Worst of the Worst show back in 2017. Cardiel was there DJing too!
    Todd Francis Worst of the Worst Show.

    Fri, May 13, 22

  • Skerd Alert!

    -On this day in BTL history 2009-

    Ounj premiered his master piece Skerd Alert at the Baitshop in Toronto. Good times! Check the the youtube link at the bottom to check it out. Miss you Warren!

    Skerd Alert!

    Wed, May 11, 22

  • Bellville Weekend 2005
    On this day in BTL history 2005. While filming for Meanwhile back in 2005 Oscar and Will were finishing up college in Bellville. Oscar had the idea to do a little filming trip as all of the roommates had moved out and he and Will had the whole house for one last weekend. So we loaded up 4 cars and about 20 Newmarket locals for a fun filled weekend. 
    Bellville Weekend 2005

    Sat, Apr 23, 22